NGN Guidelines

London Luton Airport LIVEPitch, User Research, Consultation/Coaching & Interaction Design

I was approached by QUBA in Sheffield to help them with a pitch they were working on. They wanted to try something a little different to win the work and London Luton Airport (LLA) had given us a challenging question to answer. We worked as a team bringing the two companies together to work side by side to help LLA reinvent their brand and company through their website. An entirely mobile first and user centered approach meant I could present sketches first with the theory and research. That then developed into fully clickable wireframes while QUBA's designer worked on style tiles to bring the experience to life.

Read the QUBA case study

NGN Guidelines

Northern Gas Networks User Research/Testing, Consultation/Coaching & Interaction Design

Northern Gas are doing some dramatic work around mobilising the company into an agile focused and design focused company. I was tasked with informing on design (UX and Interaction) and introducing it into the company's ethos. I'm currently working with the team to recruit designers and implement guidelines and principles for the whole company.

Read the case study Leeds, UK

Contractor regulator

A leader in electrical contracting regulation Redacted User Research, Sitemap, User journey & Interaction Design

The client's site was outdated and untidy with users struggling to find content. This specific site has several different websites with different URL's all making the user journeys confusing. I did sitemap and user journey work with interview responses to pump into a redesigned website. The client was extremely satisfied with the thought and execution of the work.

Sheffield, UK

Bupa Screenshot

Bupa By You Mobile Interaction Design

Bupa needed to introduce their first mobile project to sell a new insurance product. A desktop design had already been completed and the team needed a wireframe of what the mobile version could look like. I produced two versions, first exploring the responsive route to squeeze the same content in a smaller space, and then at Bupa's request, explored a completely bespoke design.

Manchester, UK

Water Utility Screenshot

Large Water Utility Company NDA Interaction Design and Information Architecture

A Large Water Utility Company needed to increase customer satisfaction through their website. It's currently a little messy with no clear IA or discerable action for a user. I used the GOV.UK model of information architecture and content first approach to produce the idea that content should be seasonal. This content changes based on the season. Winter promotes content about frozen pipes and frost protection automatically using carefully selected taxonomy. Pretty neat stuff.

The design also steers away from the utlities old visual metaphors. I hate them.

Sheffield, UK Interaction Design and Build (HTML/CSS/JS/TwitterAPI)

A project in my downtime at University twipho has become more of a hobby. When it launched over 4 years ago it was a first. Harnessing the power of the Twitter API, I wrote complex Javascript to produce a unique tool allowing you to search twitter for images and photos. Simple concept with great results. Since it's inception it's delivered over 3,500,000 search results and approximately 700,000,000 images.

Sheffield, UK

Card Creation

Card Creation Startup NDA Interaction Design and Information Architecture

Consulting for a local Sheffield company, their client, a Sheffield startup, needed a mobile version of their desktop app designing. As the process of creating and editing a card online (รก la Moonpig) is a complex process, the design needed an intuitive mobile user interface to counteract the lack of screen real estate when squeezing down its size.

Sheffield, UK

Bupa Screenshot

Bupa Intercom User Experience, Interaction Design and Information Architecture

Bupa needed a new tool to cut down sales calls which had a 0% lead generation. This quote tool takes data from the insurance broker, gives them a general quote and allows flexibility with the numbers.

Manchester, UK

Within Reason Screenshot

Within Reason Interaction Design and Shopify build

Within Reason have been selling boutique goods in their Sheffield shop for over 20 years. After attempting to sell online once already they approached me to redesign and relaunch their online presence. Through Facebook and in store marketing their online sales are set to grow gradually over XMAS.

Sheffield, UK