I'm a designer in Sheffield, England. I work in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, London and anywhere in Europe.


Service Design

A tricky discipline to explain. It's important to understand first where digital products live within a service. Will the website work well with your internal team? Will it save money? Will it make money? Will your customers understand it and enjoy the experience of interacting with your service? Research it, design it, test it, iterate.

Digital Product Design

So you've done some insight work. You sort of know what your user needs are and you need to visualise and test that? Turning to Interaction Design is your next step to beginning the design of your product. Sketch stuff, wireframe stuff, whatever. Just get something usable in front of your users and find out if it works. Test assumptions and iterate.

Design & Research Planning

If you know what you're trying to do but not sure how to do it I can help. With vast experience in Research and Digital Product Design I can help you plan and create your Digital Product. I can spot where things will go wrong and where you're making too many assumptions. Or where you have gaps in your team.