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Agile workstream board

Transforming design at Northern Gas Networks Case study

I was tasked with informing on design (UX and Interaction) and introducing it into the company's ethos.

Northern Gas Networks already had a masterplan of embedding UX into everything they did, they just didn't know how it could be done or what impact it would have on the business.

I started by trying to understand the company and how it works by listening to the different workstream leaders and piecing together every piece of work they had on the horizon for design.

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Airport website serving 4 million users

I'm working with an Airport near London to redesign their website from the ground up. With a huge user base it's a real challenge to meet the requirements of every persona from families to business men.

Here's a piece of contextual research I've been working on when I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes and meet the users.

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Some comments from friends I'm @0100 on twitter by the way

What I offer From user research, to wireframing, to prototyping

User Experience Design

I have experience with blue chip companies and work with a lean UX process providing the research and tools to design the optimal product. I do this in a consultant and coach based role more recently in addition to rolling my sleeves up and doing the research.

Interaction Design

It's what I've done for a very long time but I'm starting to swing to a more UX role. Still love designing things people can click & tap though.

Build and Graphic Design

I still do this but it's rarer. It's where I started several years ago and although I still enjoy coding with look & feel it's more of a hobby now.