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Home Office Digital, Sheffield Digital Hub

I joined Home Office Digital back in November last year with only 4 people in the office. As the only designer for 6 months I directed/lead how the hub approached design and research. I wrote up about some interesting findings while working on the Proving Things to Government project. I also designed and built all the prototypes (as of May 2016).

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London Luton Airport

I worked with London Luton Airport to redesign their website from the ground up. With a huge user base it's a real challenge to meet the requirements of every persona from families to business men travelling through the same building.

Here's a piece of contextual research I've been working on when I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes and meet the users.

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Some comments from friends I'm @0100 on twitter by the way

What I offer From user research, to wireframing, to prototyping

User Experience Design

I have experience with blue chip companies and work with a lean UX process providing the research and tools to design the optimal product. I do this in a consultant and coach based role more recently in addition to rolling my sleeves up and doing the research.

Interaction Design

It's what I've done for a very long time but I'm starting to swing to a more UX role. Still love designing things people can click & tap though.

Build and Graphic Design

I still do this but it's rarer. It's where I started several years ago and although I still enjoy coding with look & feel it's more of a hobby now.